calm, healthy and productive workday

in your office, everyday
we wil show you how
Get more done, do better work and without beeing tired
Work well is workshop programme for your office. We will teach you how to manage your work with a calm mind and a healthy body

of employees suffer from body pain due to sitting
1 of 5

Employees has a mental health problem
70 h/week

Spent online due to work
Unique Work well ecosystem
Whether you are a start up, corporate a freelancer you can work well
#1 Enclose your space
Open-space is a history. Divide and switch between the spaces dedicated to collaborative and focused work.

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goodies, that helps you work well
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100 Work Well Principles
Actionable cards for your everyday worklife. One simple advice per week or day can makes your life better bit by bit along the way.

Affordable solution to take first steps towards healthy work. First 100% czech made with unique features so everyone can work better.
Digital Guide
We are developing a digital heatlhy work guide that fits into pocket of those who need it the most. We believe taht new technology can indeed make our work lives better, if we know how to use it.
Do you like what are we working on? Be one of those who get theirs hands on it first!
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Work Well Workshops
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Sneak peak of the program in our Lab
Closest Events
24th November 10am
24th November 10am
Creative Community Breakfast
Come and have a breakfast with us. In addition to food, we have prepared for you the Coffe-work-tables where we like to discuss the latest developments in our and your work development. Show us what you're doing, together we can take it a step further.
6th December 5pm
6th December 5pm
X-mass Meetuparty
Are you a company that needs healthing up?
Lets find together how we can help your company with health and wellbeing.
What do the others say?
Stay tuned!
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