Work Smart, not hard
Our vision is a world of healthy only work.
What you do everyday is what you are. Its time to start to start caring about the actual world of work. So the world can work healthily and sustainably on what matters the most. We support those on making world a better place by teaching them how.
Meet us. We come from different fields to make work better together.
Karel Goláň
Co-Founder, People Builder, Work Well Trainer
Learning from mistakes and helping others
František Novotný
Co-Founder, Products Manager
I take care of everything you see, hear and use from us.

Ján Zámborský
Digital Products Owner
Petra Dzurillová Kříčková
Explorer of hidden professional potentials in people

Jan Král
Health interventions strategist

We are looking for you!
Are you interested in what we do? Let us know and lets make work a better world together
We are not alone in this
Thanks to you, our great partners and community!
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Early 2019
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Mid 2019
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Late 2019
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